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The Black Licorice Caramel was the first Black Crow Caramel creation. With a perfect balance of rich caramel, and a pleasing hint of anise flavor, it has been a fan favorite from day one.

Black Crow Caramels was born in 2008 in Prescott, Arizona. Its first public appearance was at a fall festival at Willow Brook Farm in Camp Verde, Arizona. There were just four flavored caramels on the menu at that time: Original, Black Licorice, Orange and Peppermint. Samples were offered, bags were bought and festival guests asked, "So what flavor will you create next?"  

Each of our flavor creations require their own unique combination of flavoring and color, and each is cooked to a temperature different than the next. Each batch is slowly cooked for over an hour, cured for a full 24 hours, then wrapped and packaged by hand.

Since 2008, many caramel batches have been made, many have failed, and none have been sold without reaching the highest standard of caramel perfection. Black Crow Caramels aims to offer quality products and the best of service to those looking to discover the beautiful world of artisan caramel. 

bowl of melted caramel sauce on old wood
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